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Burnt Black Friday. The time has arrived. 

 Our only site wide sale of the year is taking place from 24-27 November. Online and in all 5 of our retail stores!

 We’ve got loads of products on sale, our teams are prepped and we’re ready to go this Friday! We’ll be sharing a lot more info over the next week to help you get the products you are looking for! Items sell out fast so it’s best to be prepared. We would suggest you opt to shop online. No queues, no hassle and easy to filter the products you like. 

 More details on this to follow in this coming week. 

Please note: Due to insane issues with the ports in South Africa, major shipments of stock are delayed. This will result in some top selling’s items to sell out fast during BF. Make sure you are signed up for early access to the sale. This is critical.

 We can’t wait! Exact times of us going live will follow during the week. Keep your eyes on our socials for more information!

 Lastly, we will run our yearly Feed5000 campaign along with BF. For each order placed, we will donate a portion to the Hope Exchange to feed the less fortunate. People spend millions around the world during Black Friday, but for some, buying even the basics is hard. So, we want to do our part to give back.

 Stay tuned this week for more details to follow!

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