The Fiji Collection

 Fiji Collection
We are so excited to finally share with you what our team has been working on these past few months!

We would like to introduce to you:
This collection is made with you in mind. We created these pieces to boost your confidence the second that put them on. 
We focused on STRUCTURAL DESIGN. By using the success factors of our previous products, perfected them, and reimagined them in the soft, feminine colours.
These products are monotone, they are just as striking because of minimalist, clean lines.
The collection features 3 core colours, which our community helped us name!
The muted pinkish, tone is called Afterglow Pink,
the soft, grey blue is called Skyfall Blue and finally
the earthy green is called Willow Green.
We took a lot of inspo from the New York Tights and how popular it has been. The long tights have carefully crafted seamlines. Designed to accentuate and round our feminine curves in the most flattering way.
The seams run from the hip bone, curving along the hips, accentuating our beautiful curves. It then runs over the thigh and ends at the back of the ankle to highlight your calves.
The blue-grey coloured tights and the dusty pink tights both have the white waistband.
After the Manila shorts have launched 2 years ago, you guys have LOVED them, and we have had SO many requests for a variety of shorts. Now we have you covered!
The Fiji shorts are around 3-4cm (depending on the size) longer than the Manilas and are also around 2cm longer than the Palm Spring Shorts. We truly believe that this is the PERFECT length. Not too long, not too short.
The seams are similar to the long tights.
The bra designs is a massive element of the whole season.
These are the first bras that we launch with adjustable fasteners at the back. This means that it is easier to put on and take off. It will also make sizing easier.
Customers will be able to adjust the fit as they prefer.
The straps are wide and provide high impact support.
Both bras are a long line design. And a more modest neckline. We would like women to feel confident wearing the bra solo with the tights or shorts.