Active Jewellery

Our motto has always been functional fashion. We believe that you don’t have to sacrifice being stylish as soon as you turn up the intensity!
This is the whole idea behind our brand-new range of ACTIVE JEWELLERY.
At Burnt, being active is a lifestyle and we make products to enable you to live your best, healthiest life, while being stylish all the way! We want women to feel their absolute best and that includes being able to smash a workout while looking stunning.
We have created trendy pieces that you can wear all day, every day. Yes, they are perfect for training in, but they are made to be worn all the time. They will literally complete any outfit from your active wear set to your best dress and heels for date night!
Burnt Active Jewellery is unlike anything you’ve worn before. They are made to last. Wear them while training, running, swimming, surfing, dancing, sleeping, showering… everything!
We have sourced the best material and tested it extensively. Your jewellery will stay perfectly gold! We are so confident in our jewellery that we offer a 3-month no-questions-asked warranty on discolouration.
Let’s dive into some nerdy details about our new Active Jewellery:
18 Carat gold coated
We use an advanced process called PVD coating that is up to 10 times thicker and more durable than gold plated jewellery. The colour is a stunning “true gold” and that’s thy way it will always be!
100% water & sweat proof
What a game changer! No more headaches about your jewellery giving off and changing colour after only a few times of wearing it. Burnt Active Jewellery changes all of that.
If you struggle with irritation when wearing other jewellery, don’t stress! All of that is about to change when you invest in Burnt Active Jewellery. Advance engineered using high end materials that will never cause any irritation.
High end clasps and clips
Each piece of Burnt Active Jewellery features amazing quality clips and clasps that is made to perform and last in intense/high impact environments.
Sustainable & fully recyclable
How awesome? Invest in jewellery that is kind to our planet. Invest in the best. You’ll never look back.