Join for a Saturday morning run, a coffee from Vida e Caffè, surprise goodies from 13 Nutritionexciting competitions and more.

Mark your calendars, bring your friends and family, and let's kick off the weekend on a healthy note.

We'll be running every Saturday for the summer season and all details of the weekend's events will be hosted on Strava.

Join your club location to stay up to date.




How do I join?

Anyone can join the Burnt Runs; whether you are a beginner or are a seasoned runner. Bring a friend and come join us for a run and coffee to start off the weekend on a high.

Just join your run location on Strava and join the Whatsapp group to stay up to date on the run start times and locations for the weekend.

What day and time are the runs?

The runs will take place every Saturday morning through the summer season. For the specific time of your location be sure to join your locations Strava group.

Your run captains will also communicate the run start time on your locations Whatsapp group. You can join the Whatsapp group on your locations Strava page.

What are 2023/24 run season dates?

The runs will be held every Saturday morning for the summer season from Mid November 2023 - End March 2024.

How do I know where to meet for the runs?

You can find your exact start location for each week in the Strava event for your location. You can join your Strava location from this page.

Your run captains will also communicate the run meeting spot on your locations Whatsapp group. You can join the Whatsapp group on this page by following your locations link.

How do I join my locations Strava Club?

If you don't have an account on Strava you will need to create one. Then just follow your club location link on this page. Scroll until you find the section clubs. Select your location and click to join. You will then receive all Strava updates for your club location.

How do I join my location's Whatsapp Group?

You can find the link to join your locations Whatsapp group on the location club page on Strava. Follow the club link on this page and find the Whatsapp group link in the club description.

Alternatively, you can join the Whatsapp group at the runs by scanning a QR code from one of the captains.

What if I don't have a Strava account?

No Strava? No problem. Head to our Burnt Instagram page and look at the story highlights for the run clubs to find your locations meeting time and place.

However, to get the best experience we do recommend creating a free Strava account and viewing all the updates there.

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