Hydrating Electrolytes + BCAAs

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Our Electrolytes are designed to boost your athletic performance and endurance, and replenish the vital minerals you lose through sweat. They have all the minerals you need for proper hydration without any of the things you don’t. 

Each tub is 330g, that's 33 (10g) servings / or 16.5L.

Natural Sweetener & Colouring
Zero Sugar
Refreshing Taste
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Short Answer: If you've experienced dehydration or fatigue during your training, then this is the perfect supplement for you.

Long Answer: Dehydration isn't just a minor inconvenience; it's a performance killer. Our electrolytes are here to help you fuel your success. Whether you're hitting the gym, tackling a tough workout, dominating in your sport or just navigating a busy day, staying hydrated is essential for peak performance. Our electrolytes have been formulated to replenish the vital minerals you need to train at your best and are the ultimate addition to your daily routine.

  1. Scoop – Use 1 scoop (10gs) to 500mls cold water.
  2. Shake – Shake vigorously to dissolve electrolytes in a shaker or bottle.
  3. Enjoy – Before, During or After your workout OR Anytime in the day.

Electrolyte Blend: A precise combination of Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Vegan BCAA's to restore hydration and support optimal muscle function.

  • Sodium - Rehydrate & Replenish - Sodium is critical to hydration and draws water into your cells. It also reduces muscle cramping.
  • Potassium - Boost Physical Performance - Potassium brings more oxygen to your muscles and improves your muscle endurance.
  • Magnesium - Enhance Recovery - Magnesium is known for its anti-inflammatory benefits and its ability to block lactic acid in your muscles, making your recovery process less painful.
  • Calcium - Prevent Muscle Cramps - Having enough calcium in your system reduces muscle cramps, because it is pivotal to muscle contraction.
  • Vegan BCAAs - Maintain Muscle – BCAA’s are essential to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and build/maintain your muscle.
  • Naturally sweetened with stevia and erythritol - Natural sweeteners allow you to enjoy a great tasting Hydrating Electrolyte drink without spiking your blood sugar levels.

Pregnant or Breastfeeding woman should not take this product unless you have been instructed otherwise by your healthcare provider.

Please consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you have a medical condition, or are taking any chronic medication.

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  • Rehydrate and Replenish

    Replenish the essential minerals you lose when you train, and support your optimal hydration levels.

  • Peak Your Physical Performance

    Boost your athletic endurance and perform at your best during training.

  • Decrease Muscle Soreness

    Drinking electrolytes after training can enhance your muscle recovery process and make it less painful.

  • Prevent Muscle Cramping

    Reduce and prevent muscle cramps when you have enough electrolytes in your system.

  • Maintain Muscle

    Provide your body with the building blocks to maintain/build your muscle after training.

  • No Sugar Spike and Crash

    Our Electrolytes are naturally sweetened with stevia and erythritol, which means no sugar spike and crash. Zero sugar also lets you stay in the fat burning zone while you train.


Our electrolytes are for the athletes who live and breathe their sport. Whether you're tearing up the track, conquering challenging trails, or pushing your limits in the gym, you're the kind of person who understands that hydration isn't just important—it's essential.

Whatever exercise you do: if you're ready to take your training to the next level, if you're ready to sweat harder, train longer, and perform better than ever before, then it's time to fuel up with Burnt x 13 Electrolytes. Because settling for average? That's simply not your style.



We have partnered with 13 Nutrition, to launch our Burnt Orange Electrolytes flavour.

This partnership embodies the synergy of two brands committed to empowering athletic potential.

Our founders swear by 13's electrolytes, and we're eager for you to discover their transformative effects. 

Be sure to dive into the rest of 13 Nutrition's range to unlock more ways to optimise your performance.

Customer Reviews

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Best electrolytes

Love it so much, bought 4 of them. All stocked up and ready to exercise!

Simona Moi
Sipping into hydration 🤩

Simply a game changer!

Pierré Müller
BURNT Electrolytes

It is awesome for staying hydrated and tastes great. I love how it helps to keep me refreshed and focused without needing caffeine, which is perfect. Mixing can be a bit tricky without a shaker bottle, but it's totally worth it. Overall, it's a must-have for better hydration and recovery.