About us

Burnt™ was founded in the summer of 2018, by Pierre & Andriana Cronje.

The brand was born out of their passion for fitness and fashion. Both Pierre & Andriana love living an active lifestyle and also the clothing that comes with that. It’s super functional, but unfortunately, that’s generally where it ends.

(Image: The window on the left was where the Burnt brand started)

(Image: The farm office where Burnt Studios started)

So, they set out to create the clothing that they themselves wanted. High quality, performance activewear that can be used for a wide range of activities. From running a marathon to smashing an intense workout, but also fashionable to wear all day, every day. #FunctionalFashion.

The Burnt concept was born and the hard work started.  During this very early stage in the business, Pierre & Andriana were based on Andriana’s parents farm, where they had very limited signal. Not ideal when you’re trying to launch an online brand!

After a bad storm a few months earlier, the main tower providing signal to the area, was blown over. This meant that each morning they had to drive roughly 20km to a spot on the farm road where there was signal. With phone hotspots they connected to the internet and chatted to their future suppliers, arranged meetings, delt with imports and built the first edition of the online store.

“Looking back, it was crazy! We didn’t think it was as strange at the time but now when I sit and look at old photos of those early days, building an online store without WIFI and little to no signal for that matter, it was absolutely crazy”– Pierre

(Image: Pierre talking to suppliers somewhere in the middle of nowhere)

Pierre & Andriana in their apartment surrounded by stock and orders
Pierre packing online orders in their living room back in 2019
Andriana folding warehouse boxes in her bedroom back in 2019
Pierre going through designs for their next season, 2019

In early 2019, Pierre & Andriana moved to Cape Town to pursue the new venture in a more “suitable” environment. The entire business was based out of their flat. It was their home, but also their office, warehouse, store and photo studio.

“It was wild. Boxes everywhere. Our poor flatmates…” – Andriana.

The first year of Burnt was tough. Not that running a business becomes much easier but that first year was hard. The work was 24/7. Day & night. Every day. Every weekend. To get this new venture on its feet.

By the end of 2019, Burnt Studios was growing steadily. It was at this time Pierre noticed the massive need for an all in one solution to health and fitness. People want to look and feel amazing in their activewear when working out, but they also needed an amazing workout program to follow along with that.

And so, Burnt Fit was born. A place where we collaborate with experts in the health, fitness and food industry.By early 2020, one of Pierre & Andriana’s flatmates moved out, and they made the decision to rent the spare room as the first official Burnt HQ.

Image: Pierre and Andriana in their spare bedroom. Celebrating their first official Burnt Studios office

Fast-forward a few months and Burnt grew too big for their apartment and the HQ was moved to Woodstock along with their warehouse from where all the online order fulfilment happens.

Image: Pierre and Andriana after signing the lease to their new office and warehouse in Woodstock

Burnt has come a long way since its inception back in 2018 but in all this time, the core values has not changed one bit!

Everything we do, from how we create to the people with who we collaborate, is focused on one goal, and that goal is to inspire. To be a brand that people want to belong to. To be a brand people want to follow & support. To be a brand that people are proud to wear on their chest. A brand that is not in the business of selling but rather in the business of creating a community. A place where people of all backgrounds can come together, as a collective and be inspired. Not only by us, but by everyone who forms part of the Orange Tag Tribe.

Image: Andriana moving into the new Burnt Studios warehouse

Image: Andriana Cronje and Therina Blomerus, setting up for the Burnt Studios office warming party in the summer of 2020

Image: The new Burnt Studios warehouse being set up

Today, the Burnt head office is still based in Cape Town, South Africa and lead by co-owners and founders, Pierre & Andriana.

The Burnt team has grown exponentially over the past couple of years, into a young, dynamic and vibrant group of people with a shared goal and vision for the brand! The excellent team at Burnt is the life-blood of the company. Without each and every one of them, nothing will be possible. Every single day our team shows up to give our customers what they deserve. The best!

Image: Burnt team members on set, Retro Shoot, 2021

We hope you enjoyed this brief background of the Burnt brand. All we can say is that we have major plans for the future! If you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll be aware that we’re not scared to take risks and always push the boundaries.Watch this space.

Burnt, out x