Change Address

If you have placed an order with us and realise shortly after placing your order that you put in the wrong address, misspelled a word or made a mistake with your postal code - don’t stress, we can help!

(Scenario A)

If you realise the mistake DIRECTLY after placing your order, and the order has not yet been shipped, then our team can help. Please call us urgently on: 021 203 6259

(Scenario B)

If you want to change your address but your order has already been shipped, then you need to reach out to The Courier Guy. You will have to give them a call and ask them to change your address on their side. We cannot change your address after your order has been shipped.

You will receive your local Courier Guy contact details in the confirmation email from them. 

 *to know if your order has been shipped, please check your emails. You will have received a confirmation email.